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CariCare - Naturally Darkening Shampoo

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✔️Revolutionary Grey Hair Shampoo: 6 IN 1: Gray Hair Oxidizing, Keratin Treatment, Damage Repair, Volume Boost, Scalp Relief and, Hypoallergenic. Formulated to naturally reverse gray hair. Gradually darkens hair with continuous use for a natural-looking result.

✔️Boost Volume: Experience the power of Tannin and Gallic acid, potent antioxidants derived from natural sources, promoting protein formation for optimal hair moisture, strength, and voluminous locks.

✔️Hair Loss Prevention & Chemical-Free Care: Fortified with Keratin, Strengthens follicles, combats hair loss. All-natural ingredients repair damage, treat scalp, free from harmful chemicals.

✔️Healthy Scalp Recovery: Beta Stem, Goji Berries, Sumac Extract promote cell protection and repair. Our unique blend soothes scalp, repairs damage, paraben & sulfate-free for healthier hair care.

✔️Gentle & Allergy-Free: Hypoallergenic, all-natural formula for all hair types. Camellia & Seed Extract, Seed Oil, Green Tea Seed oil strengthen, protect, and enhance hair's strength, shine, and health.